Leaving a Marriage . . . or a denomination

We have a culture that tells us that the world is full of options and opportunity, and that we shouldn't waste time struggling through conflict when our energies would be better served by just walking away from conflict-filled relationships and moving on to ones that are easy and natural.

Hmmm . . . the only problem is: it doesn't work!!!

A report on the last day of the presbyterian coalition's meeting in Atlanta last week is found here:


And I am hoping the leaders from my particular congregation who attended were among those who still were enthusiastic about the options for reform and renewal within the PCUSA.

I do think there is a time when God says "leave!" and then you do. But I can't imagine that we are there yet, even with all the really crazy and negative stuff we have to respond to.

One thing I have learned from life is that good decisions come from following very closely to Jesus, not from over-thinking the decision-making process. All the bad decisions I've ever made were done with lots and lots of thought and discussion and agony. The good ones came from a posture that said "I am here, and I don't want to be anymore (or I want to be here desperately, but don't see how I can stay another day), but I need your healing and abundant life, Jesus! What should I do? Please change things in the other people, in the systems, in the circumstances, and in me, and bring about the present and future that most honors You, and that therefore best meets my needs and the needs of the people I love. Don't let me act unless it moves me toward Your purposes, and don't let me fail to act if my action is needed to move me toward Your purposes!"

And we are promised that God the Father will answer any prayer made in Jesus' name -- that is, to accomplish Jesus' agendas. And my experience makes it easy for me to believe that now.

So here we are. God does miracles when we pray for His purposes to be accomplished and ask for Him to make clear to us our role in that. Press on, everyone!


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