This weekend -- a death and a prayer request

My husband's dad passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack today. My husband is not a believer, nor was his dad. It will be hard to go through all this with my little ones and help them grieve their grandfather and still not confuse them in their beliefs.

So, although this blog isn't really a place I'll usually use for disclosure of intimate family stuff or for prayer requests, I'm making an exception with this post! These are my prayer requests tonight:

1) God's comfort for my husband and his family

2) God's wisdom for me in what I say and what I don't -- to them, and also to my boys

3) My husband's salvation and for God's purposes for him to be fulfilled

4) God's help for my little boys in figuring out what He wants them to know at 5 and 6 about death and about salvation and about heaven, and, again, for wisdom for me!

5) That I'll be able to sleep and able to get up tomorrow and be focused on the Bethel class orientation I am leading at 10 a.m., despite family drama this weekend in this and in other things

Thanks so much!!!


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