Holy Week

Tonight I get to go and celebrate communion with my church family, and all week I get to celebrate in a fresh way that God has chosen to bring His kingdom to my life and home in real ways each day. The Holy Spirit calls me to yield to His power within me to heal me and change me. God the Father plans new ways each moment to adjust His Story to the ways my free will can twist the plot. And the resurrected Jesus invites me to join anew with Him in intimate communion -- alone and together with His other followers. Fresh joy!

It is so easy to fall back into the old ways of thinking and living and communicating, even when I have experienced that blessed fresh life He brings! But at least now I know what I am missing, and I can turn to Him so easily when I have any need at all, but most especially when I need Him Himself.

I will go to the Good Friday Service at Irvine Presbyterian, and then probably to the Saturday evening service at St. Andrew's rather than fighting the crowds on Sunday morning. Easter is amazingly significant personally to me -- and it is a joy to celebrate it over and over with those others who know that Risen Christ whose feet we cannot hold on to . . .

Prayers that this Easter will be a time where He shows Himself in new and fresh ways in your life!


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