On "Speaking My Truth" and "Living My Truth"

"Can I be deluded, when I think I see a different truth than the one articulated by someone I love, or the one articulated by my community, or the one articulated by you?"

Absolutely. Frequently.

But, guess what? I'm stuck here, inside this body and this mind, with these eyes. And I don't have any good way initially of determining when I am the one seeing clearly and speaking up about actual TRUTH, or when my own limitations make me challenge real TRUTH for my truth which is really not truth at all and won't bear the weight of living it out.

So I can trust these things:

1) I get to speak and think what is from me and my perspective.

2) I get to consider the opinions of others when they challenge me, or resist me challenging them or challenging "what everyone knows".

3) I get to trust that the Holy Spirit is in me, guiding me . . . and respect that He is also in you, guiding you, if you know Jesus.

4) I get to make my choices about how to live and who to be, and have to take the responsibility for those choices and their results.

And that is all we have.

NO, it isn't!

We have a belief in a sovereign God Who is able to accomplish His purposes fully . . . despite us, with us, in us, through us.


So even if I'm delusional God can work what He's after to completion. And He can even lead me into that abundant life -- despite me. And despite you. He is not only able to lead us to TRUTH, but that's what He's after.

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!


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