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I spoke of my friend Marita Gladson last year, in this post: On Being Odd and Other Bits of Joy. (It is about my acceptance of my own "oddness", not about any way that she is odd.) She is one of my inspirations in life. She is a great example of the results of simple obedience to Jesus in the "right here, right now" part of life.

She was interviewed by TimeWarner Cable, and the clip appeared on CNN's Headline News locally.

Click on it below to watch it.

Then, if this project interests you, contact Marita via her website at Marita's Contact Info.

Daily obedience will produce the pattern to our lives that is designed by God the Father, and will be much more beautiful than anything you or I could design by our own visions or ambitions. In Marita I see evidence of His creativity!


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