"Twick o Tweet!" (updated w link to photos)

My youngest child, Brooks, still can't say his "R" sound. It was the homework letter for Monday, and he had no problem writing all his upper-case and lower-case R's, but then he had to list 5 words that started with R, and spell them with my help. It was hard!

"Mom, what sound does it make again?"

"Like the sound 'ra' in 'red', Sweety -- like 'ra', 'ra', 'ra'. What words start with that sound?"

Thinks hard and says "wa" "wa" "wa" . . .

"I know! Worship!"

. . . .

Well we got through the "r" words that day, and he was evaluated by a speech therapist today, and tonight we went trick or treating . . .

I posted pictures here: Halloween 2007

But, for tonight, imagine 3 hours of a very cute little boy and his cute bigger brother at house after house, greeting the open door with "twick o' tweet!"

Life is such a balance between truly enjoying all that God gives me to enjoy and longing for all that I have not been given but am compelled to go after . . .

And that is the source of motivation, I believe: both halves joined into a whole. If I fail to enjoy today what I have been given, or if I fail to long after and work toward my callings and passions that are not yet in my grasp, I miss out.

Happiness is not just enjoying what I already have. It is that, though, most certainly! But happiness is also having something to look forward to that I do not yet possess and must pursue.
Our Triune God seems to have that one down well, don't you think?


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