A Funeral I was Sad to Miss!

Thoughts From Somebody Who Went To Larry's Memorial Service -- from the Larry Norman group on Facebook:

What a gathering! Perhaps 500 (?) of us poured into a church in Salem this morning to pay our respects to Larry. As we entered we were handed 'circus programs' (instead of a boring pamphlet) that read: Larry Norman Presents: A Going Away Party.

It was a gathering of friends, family and fans alike. As people caught up with one another organ music filled the air. Then, all of a sudden: SCREEEEEEETCH! It was the sound of a record player needle ripping across vinyl.

'I ain't knocking the hymns,
Just give me a song that has a beat.
I ain't knocking the hymns,
Just give me a song that moves my feet.
I don't like none of those funeral marches I ain't dead yet!'

What followed was a wonderful montage of music, photographs, and videos of Larry throughout his life. Friends and family spoke and there were a few performances. After it was all over we ate hot dogs, popcorn and Cracker Jacks! A party. Just like Larry wanted.

Thanks to Charles and Kristin for your efforts! I'm thinking of you.

-Greg (from Portland)


At Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 1:02:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i loved Larry and his work. i attended the funeral and thought it was incredibly lame. The service was blasé. The presenters shared very little real tribute. (i liked the mailman's words. Frank Black's video appearance was as good as it got, not because he's a star, but because of what and how he said what he did) The minister couldn't remember the words to one of Larry's most famous songs, there was no real forum for attendees to share their own Larry stories, and the food might as well have been plastic.
The alter call at the end of the service was an absolutely epitome of the hollowness of the event. Anyone who's heard Larry's music has already heard a much more solid presentation of the Gospel. Needless to say, no one "quietly raised their hand."



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