Lent and Music

I have been finding again how powerfully scripture and the creeds of our faith speak to me when they speak through good music, rather than just through reading the words of scripture from my Bible or lectionary.

The album "The Lord's Supper" has been the theme of my Lent this year, and I am breaking my silence here on my blog to recommend it again to you. It can be bought used or new from several on-line sources, or can be downloaded here:

The Lord's Supper
by John Michael Talbot

or it is now finally available from iTunes in the double CD release with "Be Exalted".

No matter what kind of music you're into, try it and take enough time with it to learn it. It is one of those productions that can speak to rock fans, alternative fans, indie fans, or classical fans . . .

Here is a nice sample song from my favorite album by JMT - "Come to the Quiet", which also is available for download on Amazon or iTunes:

Let the words of scripture surround you and nourish you through song!