I'm a wimp

I just dragged myself out of bed once again today - first here for this quick post, then to the shower so I can get the kids to their Halloween party at 4 without looking too scarey.

I'm sick. My writing waits, as does everything but the essentials.

I am a wimp when I'm sick. I hope I'll do better with it when I get old and infirm.

And my last vent (in a post to be deleted soon) is that churches should not limit themselves to adobe flash or windows media player or any 1 technology on their web sites. It drives me crazy that I can't use my apple products to view my own church's web site, nor the sermons of a pastor at another church that I like to follow. (I can listen to those sermons, but only view video if I haul myself in front of a pc. And I would have liked to watch my iPhone today.)

Oh well . . .

Now that shower.


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