My Political Stances

1) I will not take unemployment payments unless I truly am actively looking for a new job.

2) I will pay my taxes.

3) I will vote after considering carefully the issues and candidates.

4) I will realize my actions in how I live my life and impact others have a bigger impact than my vote, and that our shared actions have the ability to "save" us or "destroy us", and that the President and House and Senate are not a big enough rudder to change our course much in the long run.

5) I will feed and educate my own children, and will not object to contributing toward doing the same for all other children even after my own are grown, for some of them will change my diapers when I am old, and all of them will create the world we must inhabit.

6) I will care for those who cannot care for themselves properly -- through existing private, State, and Federal programs and through new efforts -- rather than expecting others to do the work & pay the bills.

6) I will provide incentive for those who can care for themselves but feel entitled not to do so to learn how wonderful it feels to live into a calling and contribute to us all, rather than being leeches. I will not do this by being nasty and hurtful, but rather by rewarding work and making laziness obviously less joyful. Personally I can do this in my own family and workplaces, and nationally I can do this in how I communicate and in how I vote.

7) I will now shut up and work. :)


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