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I am sitting on a sofa in a house in Old-Towne Orange hoping for visitors to the open house I am hosting (no, I'm not a Realtor, but Mortgage Specialists need to get their referrals from someone or someplace, so here I am!) and the traffic has been light.

So I have been reading blogs, and wanted to share this one:

The Eagle and Child

He's a PCUSA minister who was at the inaugural convention of the PGF, and his commentary is interesting -- to me, at least!

And I loved the bits of the conference that I was able to watch via webcast, and that material is available to view after-the-fact here:

The Presbyterian Global Fellowship Video Library

More later . . .


At Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 7:30:00 PM PDT, Blogger Russell Smith said...

Thanks so much for the Link to the Eagle and Child -- I told my congregation today that I'm more encouraged than I've ever been before. Not because we're abdicating our responsibility to contend for the faith, but because we're not going to let denominational dysfunction define us -- we'll be defined by the call of Christ upon our lives.

I've enjoyed scrolling down your blog -- you have some great stuff here. May God bless you in this ongoing ministry -- looking forward to reading more



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