Link, Rich Mullins, and Life as My 6-y-o Son

My 6-year-old son Noah has been drawing "Link" from "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" -- a game that he doesn't own, but has apparently gotten to play at a friend's house. I have been presented with at least a dozen drawings, and seen him draw Link in such places as the dry-erase board at his tutor's office.

I am always amazed at Noah's art work, and always complementary -- but I don't know that he's ever been on the same theme for so long. So, a week or so ago, as he handed me one more picture of Link, I said it was amazing and thanks, but then commented, under my breath, "You're a little obsessed with him, aren't you?"

He did not ask me to define "obsessed", but he didn't answer me, either, and we moved on.

Last night he got in my car to go somewhere with me, and the DVD that was playing was not one of his kid DVDs -- which is our norm. It was the live DVD of Rich Mullins I've been watching. Noah and Brooks politely watched it -- after me telling them that I wouldn't change it to one of theirs because I wanted them to see Rich. Noah asked me questions about Rich, and carried on a polite conversation that showed respect for my interest. (Despite his reading and behavioral issues, he is a very bright little boy!)

The conversation ended with my laughter when he asked me "You're a little obsessed with him, aren't you?"

I am obsessed with many things, I suppose -- and I think Jesus is my greatest obsession. But Noah and his brothers make life sweet and full and real -- and so, even though Noah doesn't understand it or need to understand it, my primary desire was to cultivate an interest in Noah and Brooks for the values and passion of Rich Mullins.

I think part of love is sharing our passions and hoping they catch the heart of the people we love -- but then another part is watching the people we love and being amazed at what they say and what they love and how they grow, even when that doesn't match our preferences.

I am amazed at Noah.


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