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Well, I got through more cleaning and sorting and moving today, and considered posting pictures. I thought better of it. Imagine the mess you have when you are packing all the stuff from one house to move to another, and then imagine much of that stuff wet with black water and/or covered with white plaster dust. Now, if I asked you to spread all your stuff all over your house and send me pictures of your possessions all dirty and out of place and all your furniture in the wrong rooms and in the middle of what should be open spaces, would that be the image you wanted me to have of your home? No? Me neither.

At least today I got a lot more of the dust and dirt and pebbles and mud out, and it's starting to look almost inhabitable again. Tomorrow the contractor who's doing some structural work should arrive to plan that out.

We started this all in April of 2004 -- so we're 3 and a half years into living in a mess-in-progress. This project has taken so long because of so many false starts and stops. We started with a plan to actually add a second story, and worked on that plan with a contractor. We decided the yard had to be done first, and so set about that, and ended up putting years and lots of dollars into the landscape and exterior of the house, and it looks like new construction now. Outside we went through many contractors and subcontractors. Inside, we have had lots and lots of starts and stops and been through many contractors and different plans. It has been a learning experience that I would just as soon have missed out on! But now we're committed, I guess, and so it is my goal to blast through it now with all we have learned under our belt and get it done.

Those of you who know me well enough to have been subjected to hearing about it for so long are invited to stop by during this time of muddy chaos and see what I've been forced to do this weekend, and then to keep stopping by as we go through the next few months. But no public display of our muddy "garage sale" today through pictures posted for the world to see, thank you! (I will email pictures upon request, however.)


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