Living It Out

I'm not posting much, am I?

I have plunged into an attempt to execute all the projects in my life and to put feet to all the passions in my life in proper order . . .

And I have found some really wonderful writers and bloggers who do a great job of articulating all the stuff I'd have to say about my life and following Jesus right here and right now . . .

So, each day I am trying to live out for that day the things that are obedience for that day to the Jesus that I need so desperately and that satisfies so deeply!

And, as I just said to my husband, I pretty much suck at it. (Mom, sorry, but the language that probably hits you as vulgar is not vulgar to me anymore. It's just how everyone around me talks every day, and it seems silly that I'd avoid using certain words rather than trying to help you perceive them the way we perceive them . . . but I am not trying to offend, just trying to communicate clearly with most of the people who'd read this . . . ) And his response ("spiritual-but-not-religious" man that he is, and with the eyes and priorities that he possesses) was that the housekeeper I just hired would solve most of that. (Smile. I wish following Jesus was really as easy as figuring out how to delegate all my responsibilities and only keep the ones I like best!)

So here I am, Orange-County 21st-Century Christian who has been given so so much, and I'm excited that there are so many of us trying to DO LIFE TOGETHER AS WE FOLLOW JESUS, and today that means getting my kids to school and going to work and getting done all the stuff I promised to do today . . .

So this post is done, but my husband reminds me that writing is in my future . . .

God is Good! God is Good All The Time!! All The Time, God is Good!!!


At Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 12:05:00 PM PDT, Blogger Sensuous Wife said...

(big smile)
Welcome back!

and housekeepers are a big time wonderful gift from God aren't they?


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