Even in our times alone with God, we are not alone -- we are part of that greater worshipping community that follows after Jesus -- past, present and future.

The Holy Spirit was poured out upon a group, and it is in and through the group that He works. The individual cannot function apart from the group anymore than he or she can function apart from Jesus. Abiding in Jesus will result in full connection to His church.

We were created for intimate connection focused on learning from Jesus and walking out His agenda as it is revealed to the group. We learn intimacy from Jesus and from those whom He has taught, and then we teach that intimacy to those who need to be taught -- by loving them with that AGAPE love lived out.

There is nothing more satisfying than living in that place where we are fully connected to Him and to each other, and seeing the result of His agenda revealed and lived out, here and now.

That is the kingdom among us, and we see it unfold daily -- in our private times of solitude, in our relationships, and in our community as we abide together and impact our world.


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