Chaos reveals the truth . . .

Well, we gave up on the idea of staying in a hotel for the duration of the master-bedroom repair/remodel when I overheard Brooks say to Noah on Friday night "This hotel thing just isn't working for me!" Since it wasn't working well for me, either, we checked out of the hotel yesterday morning and I spent the day clearing out the middle bedroom and getting it set with a queen-size mattress set, a bookshelf, and a laundry hamper. It is now home to Steven and I until the master bedroom is livable again. The little boys are sleeping in Joshua's room, and by the time Josh is home for his winter break we should be able to give up the middle bedroom to him. (Then, when he leaves, on to the rest of this place!)

The master bedroom has been completely gutted -- no ceiling, no closet, no carpet -- down to the underside of the roof and the slab and the pipes sticking out of the wall where our vanity and sink used to be. Tomorrow they start rebuilding it. The roof is mostly done too -- just a few boards under the eave to be painted, I think, although I haven't inspected today. It was repaired to stand the rain before last Friday, and more work done yesterday and today.

And my day ended after midnight last night -- as I scrambled to make things livable here. Then my day started early early today, as I tried to be ready for the master bedroom to be gutted and for the rest of life (like kids getting to school) to run normally. So I am not exhibiting normal behavior!

I know something is very wrong with me when I sit down to have my morning quiet time and find myself doing housework instead of praying . . . time after time. (The normal Maria Anderson has absolutely no problem ignoring dishes or laundry or picking up if she decides that prayer and meditation and reading are called for first!) I also know something is very wrong when I am praying that today's needs be met, and I find that I am not praying for wisdom or motivation or discernment of His priorities, but am instead praying for peace and safety and a tiny bit of solitude.

But it is just 1:45 p.m., and all the workers have left me in peace; so I can take the time and solitude I need right now . . . all the way until I get my boys at 3 p.m. And then I'll work to bring order to the chaos of our house some more when they are here with me.

It is in the times that take us out of our normal routines and surroundings that we get to see what the Holy Spirit has actually accomplished toward transformation. Boy does He still have work to do in me!

But He will. Praise to Jesus Christ our Lord!


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