Humility and Reverence

Humility, respect, truth, and reverence are inextricably linked. True humility and true reverence are the natural result of valuing things rightly.

Humility is understanding where I actually fit in the picture of the TRUTH. When I know what is really true, I have a respect and reverence for those things that should provoke respect and reverence. True humility cannot fail to show deep reverence for others, and would be disappointed in seeing others show a lack of respect for each other or for one's own self . . . because humility understands what is valuable and what is not, and is keenly aware of dissonance between the actual value of people and the way our behavior shows we assign value.

A disappointment in how one sees oneself or another treated would not be a violation of ego, but rather a violation of the expectation that the other is also rooted in TRUTH and love. The disappointment might not express itself to the one who showed a lack of respect, but would most definitely express itself to the One Who taught true humility . . . for it is He who also provokes the deepest reverence, and Who sets that example of showing respect to all His creatures.

Love cannot fail to listen and to take another very seriously. Love never minimizes the feelings of another, even as it teaches humility and patience. The love produced by the Holy Spirit values people enough so that it shows reverence to even those who are long-winded or slow or full of themselves or lacking normal social skills.

Such a humility teaches reverence by words, actions, and unspoken rebuke.

True humility, by example, teaches others to value things rightly, and in so doing, to value each other properly.

When we value people properly, we give them all we have to give them -- in time, attention, and reverence.

THAT is humility. Anything less is just posturing and self-deception.


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